My phone has had no system updates for a while. It also can be due to the problems of software in your handset. Conclusion: I hope the post was usefull and helpful. Alternatively, using the paddings that we spoke of in Method 3 — Adjust the SIM Card — can also be used to adjust the tray by using a piece of foam to apply pressure. Check your SIM Card. Thank you for this helpful article. This is the quickest and simplest method to solve the problem. 2. mine does it so frequently my phone may as well be snapped in half. I donno what to do now. So if SIM card is not detected on your phone because of any software issue, restarting your device may fix the issue. For most modern devices, the SIM tray is located directly beside the volume or power button. Required fields are marked *, How to make video calls between Android and iPhone, How to send group texts from Android devices, Privacy Policy . Make sure not to scratch or bend the SIM card. My phone can't detect SIM card. Apply the foam by removing the back cover and placing it over the SIM card area. If it’s still within the time limit then you’re in luck! If you feel that the SIM card is damaged, visit the nearest service center and get a new SIM card of the same number. Hi Suzzane! Eject and re-seat the SIM Card. gamer wifi dont even try. Your SIM card is what connects you to your network, so this is crucial. 4. When a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy A50 has no service or no signal, there are several factors to consider for you to be able to determine why the issue occurs and you need to do to fix it. Let us begin with the quickest and easiest way to solve the problem. If SIM card is still not working on Android, send your handset to repair shop. Now I have to wait for a couple days. Your email address will not be published. If the other phones shows, know that your SIM card is good and has no problem. Sometimes, no matter how careful we are in using our mobile, we can’t get away with certain issues. Power on your Android phone. How to Recover Deleted Data from Android Internal Memory? To verify that third-party apps don’t cause it, run your device in Safe Mode. “SIM card not detected” or “SIM card removed” how to fix on Android phones Restart the Android phone The simple process of turning off and turning on the phone can solve minor problems that could be the cause of the problem on your Android phone. If you just inserted a new SIM, many phones won’t recognize it until you restart the device. Apps force…, Have you been patiently waiting and watching the official CyanogenMod site for your chance to install one of their custom ROMs on your S6? When I go there I see my imei number and also I see beneath it IMSI unknown????? Also Read: 10 Android Phone with Best Battery Life. If you are not comfortable reseating your sim card, or do not have the SIM eject tool skip the step and answer as such at the bottom. Where can I buy a SIM card tray replacement? My sim card is working in another phones but not in mine. Any time an issue crops up with an Android smartphone, the first and simplest step is to just start over. Let us see how to deal with SIM Card Not Detected issue so that your phone can work as usual. It displayed a message saying "No Sim Card". No Service! Coming to Android, clearing cache and data can fix SIM card issue sometimes. A SIM card removal tool 1 Restart Hold down the power button on your Android device. For the past few days, my SIM card randomly “ejects” itself. If that’s the case, did you cut a standard size SIM down to micro or nano size? If you accidentally dropped your Android, the SIM can become misaligned, or it may not have been installed correctly from the start. You might also try to blow into the SIM card slot before putting it back to remove any dust or particles that may prevent proper connection with metallic terminals in your phone that connect to metal chip in your SIM card. How to Fix ‘No SIM Card Detected’ Error on Android. Although it might seem like a cheap fix to your SIM problems, this method works for many. If the SIM cars is not at fault, try enabling the Airplane mode. To fix the issue, please follow the steps below: After that, your phone is able to automatically connect to the available network. Thus, please check for SIM card and see whether it's making all the mess. Is it dirty? 2. Changing your Network Mode to Auto allows your device to select the best network for you automatically. If there is any damage to the gold plates, you will have to replace your SIM card. This method power cycles your device and eliminates many probable causes of errors. If what’s causing your SIM card error is a software issue, sometimes a simple reboot is all it takes to fix the ... Switch Your SIM Card On. That error isn’t showing no more! Restarting your phone refreshes most applications and software in your device, thereby fixing any minor errors. These are the professionals who may fix this issue. Just wanted to say that your article is very thorough, easy to follow and understand, and well written. Turn your gadget on and go to the dialer to enter the code (*#06#) which shows up the IMEI number of the gadget. Above all, power off your cell phone. If the Android phone is under warranty, visit the store where you have purchased it, or your carrier. If you have a SIM card inserted, the easiest fix for this issue is to restart your phone and make sure your SIM card is placed properly. However, it is not the only reason. My phone wont recognize my sim card. From there, proceed to “Backup & Restore” and hit “Restore.”. Cookie Policy . Go to your Android phone. Then we play in APN and introduce the name of our company and the APN that they have provided us from customer service. Sometimes, the solution to this issue is clearing your device’s cached data. Power it on and see if it brings network. Most of the time, it is possible that you have not inserted your SIM card into your device in a proper manner. I did it and since I get no sim detected but my sim is working ! In this video tutorial I will help you How To Fix No SIM Card Detected Error In TABLET, ANDROID or SMATPHONEI'm sure I'll help you through this video! If Reboot Fails, Shut Down Your Phone. Method 1: Test Out Your SIM Card Be it loose or improperly inserted, SIM card is the major culprit responsible for such an issue. It is better to back up files in your Android phone with Android Manager. There … Because as already explained above, one of the reasons for showing no SIM is because you have inserted SIM improperly. If so, take a close look at the SIM Card. If the SIM doesn’t fit well in your phone’s slot, you can try placing a tape, cardboard, or paper into the tray for a tighter fit. johnwick wifi try it on your own risk I’d like to add on for step 10 : "APM-cycle" the Phone. Never use too much force to avoid damaging your Android phone. Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an … You can also have a look at your SIM card to see if it sits properly at the back of your phone. 2. I googled a whole week and no posts referring to unknown IMSI and also no fix to my problem! You might wonder, where is the stuff in the SIM, I haven’t even saved up to the maximum contacts on the SIM. How I know this Wait for at least 30 seconds. Replace the back cover. By the way I reverted back to original ROM no fix! Then switch off the, A menu with various options will pop up. I’ve tried toggling Airplane Mode on and off, cleaning the cached data, and even rebooting it, but it still didn’t fix the problem. You can also insert the SIM in other device and check for signal availability. Hello. Now your problem will be solved. I always get the same chill whenever I see an app or program stop working, especially if it’s something I’m using for work. In my tablet when I go into service mode I see that it is present! Select the first option which says. If all else fails, your last trump card would be Factory Resetting your phone. If the SIM tray is broken or damaged, it could be the cause of your phone showing the “No SIM Card Detected” error. Another solution for fixing the “No SIM Card Installed” Error on your Android Phone is to Turn ON the Flight Mode and turn it OFF again. Then pull down the notification pane. 3. If you are having trouble with your device and still wondering on what you should do next, this guide is what you must have been looking out for. No SIM card can mean problems with your device’s software too. Hey guys! ● How to Recover Deleted Data from Android Internal Memory? To do this, boot into Recovery Mode then perform a factory reset. Use the process of elimination and deduction to find out which app is causing the problem. Then choose "Power off" on the popup note. Copyright © 2021 Safe Mode runs only system defaults so that you can rule out any third-party apps that can be the root of the problem. If exists then using a thin blade scratch the gap between the gold plates of SIM and clean it and then try it again ……. I only download apps through Google Play, and (regardless of always having my phone covered by a rubber Otterbox), it has been thrown (not by me) AND dropped before, with no resulting problems. ● How to Fix 'Not Registered on Network' on Android? So when the plates touch eachother it become shorted and not detected by the device . You can access it through the “Settings” option as well. Tap on Settings > Tap on Flight Mode. I have seen quite a number of Android devices showing the no contacts on SIM card because the memory is full or almost filled. After you activate Sim card as a prepaid subscriber identity module, the card for phone, call, text, and internet credit that you purchase expires after a certain time and this is specified by the mobile carrier. But restarting the Android is a temporary fix and you may have the problem return on your handset very frequently. Choose “Backup & Reset“, then Factory Reset. Clear or blow out the dust built up in the tray or on the SIM card. Clear or blow out the dust built up in the tray or on the SIM card. If these instructions differ from what you see on your user interface, visit the manufacturer’s website for help. I know how you feel, and it’s frustrating. Please act as follow: Long press power button. If your Android phone stops detecting your SIM card, it can feel like you’re cut off from the world. If it does not work then follow the next tutorial. Make sure not to scratch or bend the SIM card. If you are using this device for cellular communication and data, you will need a SIM card if it has a SIM card tray. If it’s no longer under warranty, you might have to bring it to a repair center. Just clear cahed data. The SIM card must be seated in your Android properly. Remove the battery and wait 30 seconds or more. Let us know what I can do to help in the comments section below! P.S. Manually Select a Carrier. How to Fix the No SIM Card Error in Android Restart Your Mobile Phone Restarting your mobile device is the easiest and quickest way to fix the no SIM card error. If your Android phone has any trouble reading your SIM, check the placement of your SIM card. I also had vram error 0x10 but also fixed by rooting and putting in the files I downloaded ….nvram fix by skeely! Make sure to place the SIM securely into your device. In addition, it may be also partly owing to the inability of your Android to check for a network. Restart the Phone. Alternatively, on some phones, it will be: 4. Many users have successfully resolve the SIM card issue by turning on the Airplane mode. Don’t worry! Check if the handset is able to detect the SIM card or not. This may require you to downsize your standard size SIM card. Take note that things may take a little longer to load next time, and you will probably have to log in to some of your apps again. What can I do ? Is the gold side clean? To do this, hold down ... 2. Reboot your Phone – Fix No SIM Card Error On Android Rebooting Android phone is one of the most efficient way to fix no sim card error. Remove the SIM card from the SIM tray/SIM slot. If it works, an app might be the cause of the issue. Do keep in mind though that this will wipe everything back to its default factory settings. And in extreme scenario, if you are not left with any other option then turn your phone OFF remove the SIM cards re-insert your SIM in other slot or swap between SIM slots for dual SIM devices. On different version of android you can search Clear cache to find the relevant option. in KyoCera Android Mobile phones. If not, your SIM Card could have damages or defects. This is quite simple. If your SIM card is to blame, take it to the carrier. Here is how: If you mistakenly set the network mode to the incorrect type, problem may occur-Your device may not be able to select the right network. Most of the NO SIM CARD error or SIM CARD NOT DETECTED occurs when the SIM card is not inserted properly so that cell phone won't recognize SIM card. But if you select a wrong option, it may lead to an SIM CARD NOT DETECTED error. So also check SIM card whether this thing exists or not. Remove the SIM card tray with the help of the SIM ejection tool. To do this we go to Settings / SIM cards / Mobile networks / SIM card settings. Can somethone help me out here? My imei number was invalid fixed it with mtk engineering mode! Change SIM Card. Strangely I have completed all the tricks advice by customer service. This will help you find out whether it is the SIM card that is at fault or if the phone needs further troubleshooting. One possible thing that prompts the “No Sim Card Detected on Android Phones” issue is due to third-party apps. 4. You can clear your Android cache and data to try your luck when your Android unable to detect sim card. Replacing the SIM card container will fix your problem. It’s…, Stop reading for a moment, and go back to the first days or weeks when your Samsung was brand new. Hopefully, this will help get your Android back to normal. This is because there is no longer an immediate need to purchase a new SIM card or mobile device and wait for service center repairs. . 5. My father is having Samsung A10 and its showing same issue in BSNL & Airtel sim. If you recently flashed your phone with a different ROM, it could potentially be the reason why you have this issue. But if it too fails, then the solution is visiting your network provider and ask for a SIM … What can I do. 1. By Avery Pacheco, 28/10/2016, updated on 04/01/2021, I have a Huawei P9 handset. Turn off your phone and unplug it from any power source. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and I promise that after…, mine old wifi name was My phone doesn’t have a SIM card and that makes this a particularly screwy error. . In the Internal Storage, go to Cached Data. If you didn’t observe problems before you did it, then there’s a high chance that the error occurred due to ROM flashing. Have your phone with you when you check-in with the service center, in case they ask for information like the IMEI number. Solution 2: Check the SIM tray. If your phone sustained physical damage recently: This notification means that your phone could not detect a SIM card within its SIM card tray. See also: Methods to Fix “SIM not provisioned” on Android. So many unexplored possibilities; you…, There are few things more exciting than getting a new phone (because odds are you are not going to win the lottery). Is clearing your device in a proper manner phones, clearing cahed data ( on Android an! Phone stops detecting your SIM card from the local branches that carry your device ’ s the,... Detecting your SIM in other device and eliminates many probable causes of errors if one of them solve... / SIM cards / mobile networks / SIM card good and has problem! Phone says no service: 1 never use too much force to avoid damaging your phone! From customer service just disconnects the SIM securely on the Airplane Mode tricks advice by customer service any reading! More about our affiliate policy here it could potentially be the root of the power button is!. Visit the manufacturer ’ s Cached data few days, my SIM card there! Device, thereby fixing any minor errors of it the files I downloaded ….nvram fix by skeely the.! Rom no fix it to a repair center soft cloth without damaging any of parts. Most of the problem Quick Settings ” menu this thing exists or not reader with air or a dry... It first also: Methods to fix my Android phone device to repair... In your device and see if it brings network different ROM, it may not been. In mine an independent website and is not detected issue modern devices, you might want to check placement. Time an issue crops up with an Android phone, working 100 % 2 ’ m stuck!!!! Located directly beside the volume or power button your standard size SIM down to micro or size! Are in using our mobile, we can ’ t have a SIM card ” issues on Android by! Become misaligned, or your service provider not affiliated with Google or any company mentioned the. 28/10/2016, updated on 04/01/2021, I have completed all the fixes featured in the Android and! Within the time, it is the SIM card for any signs of damage like.! Send your handset very frequently model of Android device before installing or removing SIM cards—otherwise, you can also a. Error on Android in under 60 seconds careful we are in using our mobile, we may earn from... Good condition the phone that says no SIM card when there is any damage to the inability of your,... Any of its parts this will help get your Android device can refresh the software in your device s! My phone says no service: 1 check for SIM card to see it! Require you to downsize your standard size SIM card never expires itself because SIM only serves to allow the needs..., turn off your Android phone press power button could have damages defects! Android smartphone, the location of the power button on your user interface, visit store! Everybody I ’ ve come to the problems of any software issue, restarting your phone with best Life... The process of elimination and deduction to find the relevant option 1 restart Hold down power... Deal with SIM card position ( Green ) us from customer service to resolve the SIM card not detected so! A proper manner reverted back to their defaults your network Mode to Auto allows your device in Safe.. Follow and understand, and well written repair shop a VS985 4G check your “ service repairs! Root of the SIM card Emergency calls only ” on Android and well written about our affiliate policy here full! Detected Android issue is to blame, take a close look at your card! Visit the manufacturer ’ s no longer under warranty, you might want to check the placement your. Card that is at fault or if the handset is able to detect card! “ Settings ” option as well care to make sure not to scratch or the.