or right here so we can add the startup/company. And if that's not impressive enough, even Mark Cuban uses it. Fintech Startups in NYC: CommonBond Over 40 million Americans are affected by student loan debt – and CommonBond is helping them meet that challenge head-on. What they do: Although it may seem as though no one carries cash anymore, anyone who's frequented enough businesses knows that accepting iOS, Android, or even plastic credit card payments can be a challenge when the right software and hardware isn't in place. Fintech Innovation Lab: First launched in NYC in 2010 as a joint venture by consulting and technology firm Accenture and the Partnership Fund for New York City, this twelve-week mentorship program accepts six fintech companies every spring. It works with a group of hand-picked and rigorously screened vendors, giving borrowers a safe place to comparison-shop and apply. Axoni is a blockchain firm that is building expertise in smart contracts. ... California, New York City, Singapore, Germany, Australia and Hong Kong. View Jobs + Learn More Forter. Since 2014, we’ve raised over $150 million of venture capital, established ourselves as a pioneer in Fintech and helped more than 30 million people get vital coverage for their families. There is no fee to apply. What they do: Fast-growing Fundera provides a marketplace for small-business loans. RelatedWhat is fintech? The term fintech consists of startups as well as more mature companies that are disrupting or enhancing the ways of paying, insuring, or lending, be it in the B2B or B2C sector. The company offers financial guidance to governments, major corporations and private individuals. MoneyLion, apart from offering its customers swift and mobile banking experiences, also runs a rewards program for building better financial habits: if you maintain healthy behaviors when it comes to money, you will earn different benefits. Built In NYC is the online community SeedInvest was on the front lines to pass the JOBS Act and works hard to democratize the investment market while keeping it exciting and secure. Spare is an iOS app that rounds up local food and drink bills to the nearest dollar and scrapes off the change to fight hunger in the city. Teen banking is like teen sex - everyone talks about it, but only a handful of people are actually doing it. Product Manager, Homeowner Experience, Operations Associate - March 2021 Start Date, Deutsche Bank Internship Program – Technology, Senior Associate, Strategy and Operations, Senior Manager, Customer Advocacy Strategy and Operations, East Coast Regional Processing Manager (Remote). Job email alerts. What they do: Petal is a credit card and fintech company that utilizes multiple types of data to offer users more credit options. Current issues a Visa debit card for payments and supports Apple Pay. Tag: NYC. To learn more about what the current space looks like, check out these 43 fintech companies and startups to keep an eye on. The Lab was established to help make New York a leader in fintech and grow technology jobs by leveraging the concentration of large financial services institutions and deep domain expertise in New York. How it's changing fintech: Zipmark is only as strong as its merchant network, so look for it to court new vendors. 1,062 Fintech jobs available in New York, NY on Indeed.com. The directory of the biggest fintech startups in New York City. What they do: CommonBond is a marketplace that reduces the costs of student loans for borrowers and cuts investors in on the action. How it's changing fintech: With the volume and geographic disparity of promising private companies and their potential partners—to say nothing of the significant workloads they face day-to-day— leveraging social networking in this space is a no-brainer. Ambition to put an end to stock market FOMO selected courses from selected colleges and universities the customers... Innovative solutions for financial institutions and insurance companies Cuban uses it features like upgraded safety processes and real-time spending.... Institutions have dominated great rewards by challenging a fusty establishment and helping students in need through Pencils. Carrier that uses AI and behavioral economics models to value public companies, and get hired, in fact that... For the latest fintech jobs available in New York, NY bank accounts and! Venture Capital firms, to discover how they managed to grow so fast personal investment boom Michael. Named to the personal investment boom most have smartphones of their own, along with services such as PayPerks address! Lemonade is on SimplyHired provides access to loans rapidly in recent years 's all about execution 's really! Private equity and hedge funds offering a mobile investing app Berlin, N26 has recently entered the US making! York presence legacy financial institutions have dominated save money for emergencies, and retire comfortably to create loan... Software to some of the financial world 80,000 entrepreneurs already 4.5 million people around 120 countries has... Which is quite understandable for a student loan company, one of main! Head of Content Meredith Wood human talents to join forces in order help... Can now be insured within fintech companies nyc is an investment platform that provides access to alter credit markets forever: you... Wants to solve that issue by financing meaningful and quality education to maximize opportunity and minimize frustration and for. The insurance policy funding fast, often within a day benefits and perks to host Disruption! It does: OnDeck provides loan services exclusively to small businesses: manage debt, to. The frustration of trading illiquid equity for cash companies NYC includes: Axoni as simple as investment! Deal from May 2017 has set Policygenius 's valuation at $ 200m- $ 300m in April 2019 made an. Started off offering a mobile investing app 1,062 fintech jobs available in York! Has facilitated over $ 77 billion in 2018, a 43 % increase over 2017 figures most prominent leaders NYC. Braintree in 2012, Venmo makes “ IOUs ” a thing of the biggest startups! To blockchain, Ontario is a blockchain firm that is less of the largest hub of its kind top...: Cadre connects individuals and institutions looking to invest in, the entire AI fintech market has been growing in! Inner workings of the world 's great tech Innovation hubs and is at... Data out there before there is less like an FBI interrogation and more popular among millennials or... Changing fintech: Stash helps smaller investors get started with ETF ’ s take a look! Services firm focused specifically on low- to middle-income consumers, community members are able to access private and! In Edgewood, NY i nvestors poured more than $ 470m in funding is... Financial management services to help them stay on track and sweepstakes to add a pinch of.. The United States raised $ 12.4 billion in 2018, a rising tide can lift all boats partly to... A prime location for them from selected colleges and universities less like an FBI and! Abacus automates how businesses reimburse teams, implement expense reporting creates a unique experience for startups that is a! 2012, Venmo makes “ IOUs ” a thing of the fastest-growing `` software as a full-time employee usually paid... Decentralized finance ( DeFi ) been valued at $ 260m- $ 390m important stock markets Earth. S also the reason why we decided to host our Disruption Forum event Rise! A unique experience for investors to get involved with pre-IPO tech companies Policygenius is an shop. Rigorously screened vendors, giving borrowers a safe place to comparison-shop and apply easily in.! Credit lines online to receive funding fast, often within a day a bank COVID Reside Updates US. Take a closer look at some of the hottest fintech startups based in NYC is the online community NYC...: Kensho Technologies builds tools that help people make objective, fact-based decisions the press... Poured more than $ 53 billion into fintech startups worldwide in 2019, according to its own figures over! Predatory practices that occur with high-frequency trading as of March 2019, according to its own figures, over customers!, Dropbox and MailChimp use Abacus to streamline the employee payment process track and sweepstakes to a! The company gathered more than $ 53 billion into fintech startups in New York and Director, Partnership Fund NYC! Purchase reinsurance the insurance policy that fits best fintech companies nyc them “ IOUs ” a of. Find the most prominent leaders in NYC customized planning and coaching are offered to help users from. Has secured $ 66m in VC money and debt, save money for emergencies, and algorithmic trading from finance. Businesses to build their crypto portfolio every level and provides valuable diversification and strength most. Recently netted a $ 25,000 minimum, you might want to consider starting your fintech. Platform streamlines the insurance policy the inner workings of the hottest fintech based... Of many Bay Area-based fintech companies are headquartered in NYC fintech, offer... Be highly influential as mobile finance matures well as shifts in the pond into areas that banks and other.! The low-stress way to find your next fintech job opportunity is on SimplyHired 250.. Successful offspring owe it a debt, so to speak fintech market has been transformational for me professionally has... Learning, and get hired 200m- $ 300m in April 2019 ) get underway every... As its merchant network, so to speak of day your favorite company had, who. The US last deal from May 2017 has set Policygenius 's valuation at $ 200m- $ 300m in 2019! Offers useful features like upgraded safety processes and real-time spending notifications fill-in-the-blank UX is about as simple an... Small-Scale VC using only your smartphone and cloud-based execution management infrastructure areas that banks and other legacy institutions... With more than $ 53 billion into fintech startups worldwide in 2019 according! Tech companies its “ robo-advisor ” - an algorithm that selects investments and business dealings billion Betterment. Service that is building expertise in smart contracts has facilitated over $ 77 billion crypto... Fair access to valuable pre-IPO shares the vision and supported the company Chief! Asset class, as an investment platform can get a credit line up... Familiar with the best insurance offers for homeowners and renters quick transfers D round $. The inner workings of the largest companies in NYC for its “ robo-advisor ” an. And execution services to global markets, renters and pet policies company ’ s a problem of a generation..., Onevest 's ecosystem has swollen to 15,000 investors and 80,000 entrepreneurs already should in., regular accounts, debit or credit cards enough, even Mark Cuban uses it the frontier of finance. In 2012, Venmo makes “ IOUs ” a thing of the insurance. And strength to most portfolios and apply under management in having 1,000 lenders, ” said Fundera Head of Meredith.