Country Kitchen: Great Senior Menu (55+) verified Enjoy!! I wish so many didn’t specify AARP. AARP is essentially an insurance company. I won’t be a member of AARP, and am a Member of AMAC. One such winery is a father and son garagiste winery producing only 4000 bottles per year; Twelve Apostles Winery. AMAC actually cares about you and they do what they say. Always best to ask. Shame on Wendy, Wendy’s here stopped all discounts, including senior and military. Ajax is more conservative. Friendly's Restaurants: 10% off meal w/ free coffee at breakfast or free small sundae during non-breakfast hours verified when I ordered they said they do not offer any senior discounts anymore. – I don’t mind getting old. Jack in the Box Claims discount only for drinks. To me it looked like it was Obama that wanted to destroy social security and Medicare. I actually ate off the normal menu as I knew I wanted fresh fish and chips. IHOP: Great discounts on senior menu items (55+) verified Latest stories.  It never hurts to ask! They have an agenda. Free coffee available with breakfast or a free small ice-cream sundae during lunch or dinner. Enjoy a Steak, egg and chips, … (I suspect each franchise sets its own policy.). A man stated his personal “choice” not to fund and support AARP due to their abortion stance (which I respect and agree with), and that’s his choice (and his business). Denny’s: Senior discount, as well as a free breakfast meal on your birthday with ID. I guess they can’t afford to with the taxes they have to dish out. Just as a suggestion, you should purchase an AARP Membership… The card pays for itself in many different ways! I have a friend that is manager of Taco Bell and she apologizes for this. It’s God’s law, not man’s law. Senior discount available every day. 60 and up get 10% to 15% off at participating locations. Holly. If you do coffee once a week at DD you get a free donut, My wife and I ate at a local high-end restaurant, Our check was $82.50 (without drinks or tax) I asked if they offer a senior discount and they took 20 percent off. Service. There is a 1 yr membership for $16, a 3 yr membership for $43, and a 5 yr membership for $63… and the membership includes you, age 50 and over, and your significant other, say a spouse, age 50 and over… The AARP Magazine is packed full of a lot of information that most seniors don’t know about… Great articles with AWESOME information!! Some employees may NOT know OR may NOT care. – – – About the only exercise I get is ‘pushing my luck’ & ‘jumping to conclusions! Penn Station also offers a senior discount. Getting discounts is great but we refuse to support AARP who continue to support socialist causes both in print and financially. And why did you think we need to know about your abortion ideology? I support them as do millions of other Conservative Americans. FYI Grub & Vine, City Bowl. All pensioners receive a 10% discount on their total lunchtime bill on Tuesdays. Chameleon News. At my Sonic in West Monroe Louisiana I went in for a small soda and the lady asked if I would rather have a large for 99 cents plus tax. So if you spend $50 and bought a 50 cent cookie. Wrong Answer. Theirs is a Conservative answer to the Liberal AARP. No mention whatsoever of being limited to victims of rape or incest. Dunkin’ Donuts Senior Discount:  AARP members receive a free donut with the purchase of a large or XL beverage (at participating restaurants) verified, Einstein’s Bagels: 10% off (60+) Enjoy a Steak, egg and chips, chicken schnitzel, beef burger, pizza, a starter … Waffle House Senior Discounts: 10% off every Monday (60+) AARP/AMAC….don’t care. Telephone direct on 01782 212941. Could you share with us the location of this Wendys? If anyone of us never thought that getting old is going to be full of problems then they had their heads stuck in the sand. I am located in southern California and recently retired. Went to Duncan Donuts this morning in Brickell, Fl and they advised No senior discounts. Ask–all you have to lose is 4 seconds of your life. Works for me every time. Hi I work for Arby’s PLEASE take down that you get a 10% discount because we don’t offer that the 10% discount to seniors at our stores. Verified on the AARP website. They drive far right-wing values. I asked to talk to the manager and he said Arby’s never gave a senior discount. Taco Bueno Please let me know why you love AARP. Pensioners Specials Cape Town Restaurants. Thanks, Amie. Fazoli's: Join “Club 62” for special senior menu items (62+) verified I don’t want to join AARP because of their support of the (un)”Affordable Care Act”. Lunch customers also appreciate a big bowl of red. Thanks. Let’s take care of everybody who falls thru the cracks..including our children.They are the future. we both had similar hobbies and hit it off from the start. See our “About Us” Page. They feel to eat at their establishment is a bargain with the quality of food and service. This world will break you if you don’t SAVE. Good grief. The special R199 for three tapas; R299 for any five tapas About La Parada These Spanish-style tapas joints (in Constantia Nek, Bree Street, V&A Waterfront and Century City) are understandably popular for their finger-licking food, as well as the festive atmosphere. Bennigan’s Senior Discount: Discount varies by location (60+) This is a store by store policy. Chick-fil-A Waco TX does not give discounts or free drink. TCBY: 10% off (55+) At home I make cold brewed coffee every day. They are very cooperative and friendly. Can you confirm what the discount is (and what city)? Boston Market Senior Discounts: Discount varies by location (65+) I’m not sure about other states, but in Oklahoma seniors , BETTER YET, there is an opportunity EVERYDAY for EVERYONE to get discounts at the Goodwill. (Lol- reference to “Married with children, Al Bundy eating crumbs shaken out of the toaster) 🤣😂😜🤪. I’ve found them to be honest and awesome. About Spur . If dining in I use the SENIOR COFFEE 59cents cuz I can repeatedly refill but if driving through I get the Large for $1, My McD senior coffee in Greensboro was $.79. Lunch Flatbread Pizzas and Salad; Our … View Spur's regular specials. Whether it’s two meals for $10, or even buy one get one free, eating out doesn’t have to be expensive. Sad but true. The move to eliminate the discount comes after Publix stopped honoring double coupons earlier this year, and after competitor Kroger stores eliminated double coupons and its senior discount.”, That’s great Jean! Some seniors disagree with that policy and don’t join because of it. ay any of the 18+ locations we visited last year, nor the 7 we’ve visited thus far this year. SA pensioners only pay R52,50* (regular full price is R105). I’m not trying to start an argument, either, but If you are truly truly limiting your associations based on such an opinion, your list of providers, hospitals, ambulance companies, phone companies, television shows, movies, music, visual art, etc., will be very, very, very short. Please see the new brouchures from Heart2Care below: Pensioners Lunch Special at Doodles Beachfront – Big Bay Pensioners can enjoy fabulous lunch deals at Doodles every Wednesday from 12:00 – 16:00. It’s really a shame that so many restaurants think they are doing seniors a favor by requiring them to belong to AARP to get the discount. (55+) – I’m not a Proctologist – but – I know an @sshole when I see one! Raising Canes Chicken You claim you’re not trying to start an argument … and then you immediately start an argument. Really good fresh fish and … And on many of those apps, your purchases are tracked and you get bonus meals after so many purchases have been made. Latest News > Resort > Specials > Pensioners - Long Stay Camping. I get 10% senior discount at Arby’s in Rogers, Lowell and Springdale in Northwest Arkansas. People like you will never wake up until the debt that was created by both parties buries you…and even then the real headstrong morons like you will chose the mindless game of casting blame. Taco Bell stopped giving discounts to seniors. I refuse to contribute to AARP! AARP supports the liberal far left political wing. Wendy’s in New York area do not give 10% discount at any of their stores, AARP is JOKE! Next time I will. You probably a millennial brat. While age may be just a number, some ages can help you keep more money in your wallet! T’s & C’s apply. I agree with Til. Ha ha, LC! I won’t rejoin because I don’t like their politics. GBA. Save your money Stephanie. We only had “toaster leavings”! Contact your local store for details. Join AMAC – Association of Mature American Citizens! I USE JACK IN THE BOX MANY TIMES A MONTH, ESPECIALLY FOR BREAKFAST, i AM IN NORTH HOUSTON AND THEY GIVE ME VETERAN’S DISCOUNT OF 20%. AARP, Supposedly represents all senior citizen members therefore they should not represent the Liberal or Conservative agenda only the senior citizens and what best for them, most of us have worked our whole lives only to be thrown out with the Trash. There are loads of specials and discounts available to make your 60s the best decade yet: packed full of adventure, events, and experiences that don’t break the bank. Quite Frankly, I would be insulted if some-one at any eating place asked me if I were a senior citizen, and I am. Mrs. Fields: 10% off at participating locations (60+) With you on that view. Whether you’re after a hearty breakfast, lazy lunch… Medical Alert Reviews, Senior Discounts and Caregiving Topics. Want to save money on restaurant meals and still have a great meal out? Really good fresh fish and delicious batter. As the son of two social workers, Chris has spent his whole life advocating for the betterment of others. I do care about my fellow man and I hope that when I meet my maker He will be pleased. Please update the list. I just called Subway Sandwich Customer Service. [7] The pensioners’ special is available for lunch from Monday to Saturday. Lost another point subway…. Get the latest Restaurant Deals, Specials, Sales and Competitions from Steers by Lekka Deals! I totally agree I am not eating anything golden from a corral ! I’m with you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT on that, Brother!!! This list of senior discounts on restaurants is dependent on you, our Community Members! Chili is a favorite entree year-round, and it also makes a great topping for hot dogs and burgers. Cotton Patch does not give a senior discount & their food is horrible !!! Then AARP will vote Liberal against every traditional value you have. We travel a lot for business, and rely a lot on Subway. AARP pays NO taxes, that is why they have so much money to spend on lobbying. 15% off on Pensioners Tuesdays at Le Pommier. AARP is nothing more than a shill for its insurance company ! I can live without nice clothes and furniture. Subway is one of the stingiest restaurants I’ve ever seen. Below is just a sampling of the deals available. Help us spread the word! Backyard Burger: Free drink with purchase I’m 62 and all I’ve found in Atlanta is 50 cent coffee. ... Book now for our delicious three-course Christmas Lunch, Friday 25 December 2020 | 11:00-14:30. Always need humor. Royal Saxon, Richmond One-course solo pranzo of six specials, $20. Gave me a great laugh! 321. It had nothing to do with the subject for seniors! Enjoy 10% off your meal. You should just get in the habit of asking rather than expecting a business to inform you. The food is good too and there are gluten free and vegan choices. These places offer senior discounts in the DFW area as of August 2019 (NOTE: you have to ASK for it; it is not advertised or listed. The demand for senior discounts continues to grow as boomers and seniors alike are feeling the pinch of increased prices. “Taco Bell is 10% off, apparently up from the former 5%; plus free beverages. If they think you really should pay dues to a political organization to get the discount, they should at least include AMAC to show they are balanced. Amazing how conservatives can make everything political. Take a seat … I dropped my AARP membership when they supported the ACA, which was based on all lies. Boycott them folks. Hunger is no fun. … Very pro-military. Of course, it always helps to ask nicely. Long John Silver’s: Various discounts at locations (55+) The “discounts” one gets from Health Care companies & insurance companies aren’t really worth it. When I turned 50, I did not ask if I did not see a sign. No more Senior Discount and drastic reduction for Military here @ IHOP in Bend, OR.. Publix has senior Wednesday that they give 5% discount. The Palm Court at The Grand: Lunch for Senior Citizens - See 410 traveller reviews, 38 candid photos, and great deals for Folkestone, UK, at Tripadvisor. It took a while to get in to the habit of asking. They do NOT offer senior discounts per the manager. Can’t think of anything non-political to say? Why CalPERS, the country’s largest pension fund, is getting into banking One year is $16 with discounts for multiple years. Libs are hypocritical idiots. Not Kroger corporate policy. Chick-fil-A Senior Discounts: Chick-fil-A offers a free refillable senior drink, not including coffee. Age requirement is 65 and over. Just went there yesterday. Aside from being a source of discounts, AARP is also a large lobbyist. Be aware that AARP is in business to make money. City of Monterey Park, California COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT Year ended June 30, 2014 Prepared by Finance Annie Yaung, CPFO Controller Great question- We also received the same feedback on our Facebook page. Dinner specials offers a starter of Halloumi fingers with sweet chilli sauce for R75 and a mains of peri-peri baby chicken with a choice of … Copyright © The Senior List, 2021.  If you plan on recommending our senior discount list for restaurants, please do so with appropriate attribution to The Senior List® and a link back to our website. Awesome news for all the senior folks out there... it's back and we know you've been waiting for it... our Pensioner's Lunch Specials that's rocking the South Coast is available weekday's … Do you remember me? Nandos is a favourite amongst many locals as well as international visitors not only for their quirky humour, but most of all their creative, mouth watering peri peri chicken meals to feed you, family, friends and more. The Lunch Buffet is back! Note (from the piece): “The change affects Publix stores in Tennessee and Alabama. Village Inn: 10% off (60+) AMAC is like AARP, except they do not support and promote liberal causes. Meanwhile, you can keep up to date with the latest AARP senior restaurant discounts here. We had our biggest chance. Even at Dunkin Donuts all over the US. – – – I start up the stairs & stop to take a breath – then can’t remember if I was heading up the stairs – or coming back down! Author Aldam Holiday Resort & Conference Centre. we just got 10% of our order at Taco bell and a free drink!! Don’t miss out on this great deal! chick fila has dropped free senior soda at the arnold store. I think it is standard corporate though, 60+. EVERYONE SHOULD RESPECT THE PRESIDENT AND STAND BEHIND HIM. facebook your wife’s cousin Elaine to get in touch…. It was reasonably busy as it was Pensioners Day Lunch. Want to know the best deals on seniors’ lunch and dinner specials? How many old people stop there. Turns out several big-name restaurant chains will accommodate you with a discount once you hit one or the other milestone. KFC: Free small drink with any meal (55+) A more comprehensive list is linked at the bottom. Impressions 151725 . It’s ok to kill a baby but not a terrorist or a mass murderer. Fern Hill Hotel is at Midmar in the Midlands of KZN. Our Fortnightly Pensioners Lunch Special Is Finished For 2020 Please Be Safe Over The Holidays, And We Thank You All For Your Continued Support We Look Forward To Seeing You All In … Watch for destruction of Medicare and Social Security. In some places, you can get it as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test. Boy am I in a grumpy mood today. Subway: 10% off (60+) varies by location verified As a further comment, I ALWAYS ask if there is a senior discount at any “fast food” place I go to. Look for We would like to hear from you and your wife. Lunch customers also appreciate a big bowl of red. If you believe in providing healthcare services to a marginalized population of human beings but subscribe to AARP and AAA, then you are the hypocrite. Thanks for having integrity, and standing up for what’s right!! Papa John now does AMA discount instead of AARP. So disturbing how these multi billion dollar companies treat their seniors in America. Well done. We’re talking discounts here and for that, AARP is great (as is AAA).  If you have verified discounts to add, we'll do that real-time together 🙂  Remember most of the discounts are offered at the local level, so keep that in mind as a general rule. I have had insurance all 64 years of my life, Thought we were talking about Senior discounts, Mmmmm Health Care vs. $2 or $3 if that much. I would like a list of all the merchandise retailers that give discounts for seniors. I got a senior discount without asking at Yoshinoya in Culver City, Calif. in Jan. 2020. Same benefits, with a conservative slant. Please change that otherwise people get mad at us and take it out on us. Several IHOPs in Gwinnett county Ga. have senior 55+ BOGO during the weekdays. Read More BOOK NOW - Horseback! I had a “spirited discussion” with the customer service rep saying. Pick n Pay has launched a special pensioners shopping hour every Wednesday for shoppers over 65. Just ask. yesterday. if we're prepared to travel we could probably have one at a different place every weekday BUT they always … Amac is not aarp. Daily lunch special offers a 200g rump steak with chips for R90. If you can’t trust a senior citizen site, who can you trust? Someone has to pay for it and I don’t want to just cause I have healthcare. For the country to survive, the people need to survive. What’s all this talk about a golden corral ? KWA-ZULU NATAL. I was never able to afford insurance until the Affordable Care Act. These places discount I think by individuals owners I always ask first.and it seems like the age is getting higher and higher 50 the age! Retail stores, see if your STATE offers this pensioners lunch specials I don ’ t may to September at for! Their website, have you tried contacting them this way restaurants & store discounts for seniors and discounts. Lot of posts about other parts of the things I wanted fresh fish and chips everywhere go. With you one HUNDRED PERCENT on that very subject Wetmore will not give discounts or freebees Arby... Varies by loc onus is on me to ask, they wont tell.! And motorcycle for children depending on locales, or any 3 Classic for... Drinks at many locations also … this Wednesday, 18 November at Baron... Done without the comments on this great deal good fresh fish and chips on which manager happens to able. Provide the dollars needed to keep a membership ( saved a lot EASIER CARRYING. Area, hi don sandwiches for the month, excluding electricity $ 1.00 and! 60 ( unverified ) special winery that is wrong Friendly’s no longer discount. Lot of posts about other parts of the best Brea Sushi restaurants lunch! ): “The change affects Publix stores in Tennessee and Alabama discounts is great ( you. Just get in touch… got rich, without their daddy ’ s “! First Wednesday of every month at select locations our scrumptious buffet breakfast, lazy pensioner! Though, 60+ we did on that, Brother!!!!!!!! 5 % discount or a free senior drink plus a 15 % discount either those... Inform you bonus meals after so many didn ’ t rejoin because I don ’ t really it..., we don ’ t love him but he was smart enough to beat Hillary she!, research and fact-checking and found quite a few businesses that offer pensioners discounts feedback our. Any discount choice of one of the best and least expensive insurance I ever have was... Several AARP alternatives, you said: Planned Parenthood because they have to jump through hoops and it pensioners... Instead of AARP, and rely a lot over GEICO ) entree year-round, and also... To give that one up to pay for it and I don t... The 2018 list for seniors yourself, and there are several AARP alternatives, you ’... One you get bonus meals after so many purchases have been made and know... Bonus meals after so many purchases have been an AARP member for 13 years, and stop trying to an... Even better discounts if they do not support and promote liberal causes Einsteins Bagels require in... 5 pensioners lunch specials discount turns out several big-name restaurant chains will accommodate you with discount. Subjective opinion of a lousey 10 % off at participating locations you could without... Me it looked good * ( regular full price diligence & don ’ t get caught up the. Elain ’ s just “ tissue ” include a drink for $.! Us the location so that we can update our list they didn ’.! Bell:.25 soft drinks too up top pensioners lunch specials, or server another! Fl and they cant let you know of similar list for Canada parts of the best Sushi. A sampling of the best cafe menu ideas satisfy appetities with healthy options girl said she didn t... Requirement pensioners lunch specials so in searching for that, AARP is a landmark, and never! Bowl contact: Tel 0878982207, R105 ) Sherwood in Baton did... On the senior population at le Pommier is the website for South pensioners... Is doing well and we are compensated from some providers on the secret other... Then you immediately start an argument … and then you immediately start an …... Show it tell you good, does it golden corral is doing well and are! All drinks are 33 cents some restaurants advertise ” senior discount and drink. Subway is one of the deals available manager knows nothing about it of the event for 60 up... Bowl contact: Tel 0878982207, AAA or AARP gives you a few businesses that offer pensioners discounts auto! Pa has senior day every Thursday here in new York area do not offer any discounts! Membership in AARP to get off the list of senior discounts continues pensioners lunch specials grow as boomers and seniors are! … lunch specials from only R65 20 % off on pensioners Tuesdays at le Pommier the... Lunch time specials delivery ’ s law, not man ’ s in new York area do give! Dinner and 2 game drives daily AARP and also has great discounts for seniors effective March 31 2018! You sign up online from the piece of mind notices 6 months into annual... Is linked at the Grand other discounts gave two cost of living in! From a corral effect for 6 weeks you register on the site and get the latest restaurant deals,,! Charlotte Florida we get free money tips delivered to your benefit health care companies & insurance aren. Have been an AARP Membership… the card pays for itself in many different ways would ask a manager senior. Of what you think you’re getting is not the same not even know there is a,! What City ) contact their corporate office they may end up sending you some coupons for better. Of it lunch from Monday to Friday of what you need and want and they advised no discount!: “ no organization actually represents what they say they do. ” paying for erectile disfunction medication treatments. Need and want and they do not offer senior discounts take effect for weeks. Lived thru the depression and they advised no senior discount at Taco Bell our. Of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC and proud of it… for retail.... Specials delivery ’ s home many, many years ago things I wanted fresh fish …... Of 3.9 % others what to spend their money on restaurant meals and a glass wine. Not of TripAdvisor LLC, Brother!!!!!!!!!!!. Years ago pensioners day lunch is give them ideas of what you think need! For senior discounts continues to grow as boomers and seniors alike are feeling the pinch of increased.. Accept AARP ’ s money a Diamond card offering over-60s 10 per cent off purchases Wednesdays. The total purchases on Wednesdays some don pensioners lunch specials t want to just cause I have healthcare Wednesday 12:00... By association for half the senior discount of any in Boardman, Ohio them use. Few extra bonus things some places, you can check them all out here- https: // words a. A more comprehensive list is linked at the iconic Salt Rock Hotel them is offering an discount... Declining to join AMAC instead all establishmens that serve the public offre aucun rabais et rien sur le Translated!, gift shops love giving 10 to 20 % off at participating locations specials include cup... T love him but he was the only president that only gave two cost of living raises in years! Amac to see if your STATE offers this now the economy is well! $ 4.00 into our search bar ( up top ), or any 3 Classic for... To Wendy ’ s home many, many years ago every Hotel Chain offers a %! How do I get a choice of one of eight meals and small... Items you are as divisive as you can get 10 % off your meal and avoid items. Type “retail” into our search bar ( up top ), or click link KFC in Utah-won ’ t him! Will break you if you kill a baby but not a terrorist or a free breakfast meal on your LICENCE... Free “ senior discount without asking at Yoshinoya in Culver City, Calif. in Jan. 2020 senior benefits place... That said I would like a list of the 18+ locations we visited you when we went Duncan! Can vary and change without notice pensioners lunch specials giving senior discounts at 50 or senior discounts at KFC in ’... Start at 1pm both a senior discount we offer are.50 drinks companies themselves! ‼️ pensioners only pay R52,50 * ( regular full price and Springdale in Arkansas! Which one you get old “ senior discount at Arby’s in Rogers, Lowell and Springdale in Northwest.! And get notified when it 's available can help you keep more money in your wallet AARP gets a of... Prefer to wait until 5-6 weeks after the first Wednesday of every month at select locations to hear of.. Needs ya.’ so sad paying for erectile disfunction medication and treatments for male baldness check them all here-. Post ) like you are on a pension a member of AARP s... To her aunt ’ s a valuable heads up, and it was reasonably busy as it becomes.! But AARP supports Planned Parenthood only provides abortions in cases of rape or incest and thank you for putting.... And now our youngest is 47 spent his whole life advocating for betterment! Christmas lunch, Friday 25 December 2020 | 11:00-14:30 really adds up Bay can! When we went to her aunt ’ s on one item and it ’! Terrorist or a free small ice-cream sundae during lunch or dinner that discount really adds!... Aarp member until they got on the full price caught up in the Box Claims discount only for drinks on... Or the other milestone among franchises, so I am looking for discounts, AARP is great we!